March 10, 2019

Top Kitchen Countertops

So many different options for kitchen countertops are available today making it daunting and overwhelming to choose the best style for your needs. Home décor is similar to fashion. There are classic looks that can last a lifetime and there are trends that are short-lived, they come and go. Calgary kitchen trends advice you to choose the best style for your needs but also one that will last longer. You don’t have to keep updating your kitchen every time a new option is available while you can have a classic look that can last a lifetime. Below are some of the top kitchen countertop options:

• Quartz

These are made of crushed natural quartz together with colored pigments and plastic resins. It is available in a broad range of colors and designs, and it’s also a non-porous material. This makes it super durable and also offers hygienic antibacterial benefits. It’s easy to clean and care for, and it doesn’t have to be sealed. If you are up for a natural mineral as your countertop, quartz is your best option.

• Ceramic tile countertops

The countertop is made of ceramic tiles that are easy to clean and durable. This type of countertop is less expensive as compared to quartz or natural stones. It’s also good for people who believe in DIY projects.

The design or look of the tiles dictates how the countertop looks like. Some tiles look like leather, marble or wood and the choice is yours from there.

• Mixed materials countertops

With this, you have more than one countertop materials in your kitchen countertop. Calgary kitchen trends suggest you incorporate two of your best countertop materials. For example, tiles and concrete integrate beautifully, and marble on one end and quartz on one side is also an astonishing look.

• Waterfall kitchen islands

Waterfall islands are the new kitchen trends today. You only have to choose a stone of your choice and Calgary kitchen designs have you sorted. Also, make sure to work with a fabricator who knows how to install the waterfall island correctly and has worked with your preference materials before.

• Veining and Patterns

With this, you only have to choose the best materials and color for your kitchen. Next, choose a fabricator who knows their way around veins and patterns in countertops. Veins and patterns are best if you mix different materials creating a beautiful contrast in the design.